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How do I book an appointment with one of your unique models?

Welcome to our booking page. The first step is setting up your unforgettable escort meeting!

Before you call us, please take a look at our gallery of high class and beautiful escorts and see which ladies appeal to you. Please read their profiles and see if their stats and services match your expectations. You will always find us friendly, polite and professional with precise attention to your requirements. We offer a smooth tailored and fun experience that feels unique to any other escort experience offered in London - so sit back get ready for your date and let us make all the arrangements for you.


Overnight Etiquette

The fees for the overnight rate are based on the following points:


All overnights must include dinner in a restaurant as opposed to room service. Should you wish to spend an evening with a lady without leaving the confines of your hotel then please note you’ll be charged for consecutive hours of private time at the lady’s standard rate per hour.


Whilst the excitement of booking a model can cause you to lose track of time. It is acceptable for the model to be able to fall soundly asleep after 2am, with a minimum of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Unfortunately, if the lady is not given the full 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep then she is free to leave the booking without reimbursing you.

….Good Morning!

It’s always a great idea to offer you companion breakfast in the morning - and don’t forget to freshen up before getting back under the sheets.


Alternative Bookings:

Party Bookings

These type of bookings are not classed as a ‘typical’ overnight booking if there is no ‘dinner & sleep’ please consider the rates of a normal booking when reaching out to arrange with us.

International Travel or Multiple Day Bookings

All of the overnight rules will apply to multiple day bookings so please take time to read them.

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